CBPS GrOW book titled, ‘Women’s Education and Empowerment in Rural India’ has been published by Social Science Press

CBPS GrOW book titled, ‘Women’s Education and Empowerment in Rural India’ has been published by Social Science Press. This book was based on our study Together We Can: Assessing the Impact of Women’s Action Groups on Social Change in India funded by International Development Research Centre, Canada (IDRC).

The authors of the book are Jyotsna JhaNeha GhatakNiveditha MenonPriyanka Dutta, and Shreekanth Mahendiran.

This book explores the pathways and roadblocks to women’s empowerment. The authors do this through evaluation-centered research on Mahila Samakhya in Bihar, a Government of India-funded program aimed at providing ‘education for women’s equality’.

The book also traces the meaning and the process of the various facets of empowerment as well. These include how women’s empowerment influence their mobility; savings; participation in economic activities; self-efficacy; decision-making and political participation.

The empowerment of women goes beyond these and has an intergenerational impact as well as through the choices they are able to make, about their daughters’ education and marriage; And still beyond these, once empowered, they are able to adjust to and negotiate with regard to the dominant social institutions such as the family, and policy processes and its outcomes.

This book raises some searching questions about the developmental implications of women’s empowerment and social policy. This book will be of enormous value to policymakers, researchers, practitioner, and students especially those in the field of education, sociology and gender studies.

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A few photographs of the book can be viewed here.