CBPS supported a workshop hosted by the Best Practices Foundation (BPF) titled ‘Southern Regional Workshop for MS Federations’ on 23 and 24 February 2018 in Bangalore

The primary objective of the Southern Regional Workshop for MS Federations’ workshop, hosted by BPF and supported by CBPS, was to bring together the federations formed in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Telangana to facilitate a dialogue about the future amongst the federations. The purpose of the workshop was to initiate the process of building an inclusive, diverse, and broad-based platform that would enable the federations to build a strong solidarity-based network that could create interdependet and self-reliant institutional structures. The participants were primarily select members of almost all the federations from Kerala, Karnataka, and Telangana. In addition, members of the erstwhile members of the MS organization, such as the ex-District Project Coordinators (DPCs), ex-District Resource Persons (DRPs) of the three states attended the workshop. Also present were members of partner organizations who had previously worked with the federations such as Educational Resource Unit (ERU).