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  • 16 Oct
    CBPS held its second Advisory Committee Meeting for GrOW on 15th October 2015 in Bangalore. The project is Together We Can: Assessing the Impact of Women’s Action Groups on Social Change in India. It was attended by some of the advisory committee members namely Dr. Arnab Mukherhi (IIMB), Srilatha Batliwala (Scholar Associate, AWID) and Dr. Shobha Raghuram (Development Studies and Philosophy; Social Justice and Public Policy). Dr. Arjan de Haan from IDRC was also present at the meeting. The research team from CBPS for GrOW attended the meeting along with some members from the administration t...
  • 02 Sep
    Akshay Sarathi is a graduate student of Anthropology (Archaeology) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focuses on thev exploitation of faunal resources on the island of Unguja (Zanzibar) in the Later Stone Age. In his talk, Akshay Sarathi focused on some of the methods and models archaeologists have adopted for the study of gender. He suggested that without the aid of written texts or artistic depictions, studies of gender tend to be limited to conceptions of gender being tied to biology. However, with more evidence of how gender is understood on a cultural scale, gender need ...
  • 29 Jun
    Statistics Day is celebrated every year on 29th June on the birthday of Mahalonobis by organizing seminars and lectures on the role of statistics / data in general at various offices of NSSO. This year Jyotsna Jha was invited as a Guest Speaker in NSSO (FOD) in Bangalore on June 29, 2015. She delivered the lecture in the area of Social Development. The theme for this years Statistics Day in NSSO was Social Development: in the area of health / education / poverty alleviation / employment / social backwardness / housing / environment.
  • 13 Apr
    CBPS had its first Advisory Committee Meeting for GrOW on 9th April 2015. The project is Together We Can: Assessing the Impact of Women’s Action Groups on Social Change in India and was attended by the CBPS research team for the project, Advisory Board members for the project and two researchers from IFMR.
  • 20 Mar
    CBPS has organised an Ethnography Workshop being conducted by Dr. A R Vasavi for its research team as part of capacity-building.
  • 20 Nov
    Edgard Rodriguez, Senior Program Specialist in Social & Economic Policy from the International Development Research Centre called on CBPS on November 20 for a stock-taking meeting related to the IDRC-GrOW project. Copy-paste this link on your browser for details Partners IFMR and Mahila Samkhya Karnataka joined the proceedings.